The E L I J A H  Trilogy Book 2 Fall From Grace When Elijah Hocking’s life is changed forever by the brutal murder of his first wife, he decides the only way ahead in the world is to use and manipulate others, by force if necessary. Fall from Grace follows Elijah's relentless climb to power as he returns to the United States to live. With the help of his lawyer and business partner Jorge and with his child- hood mate Johnny as his minder, he sets about building his empire. Along the way he mixes with a diverse phalanx of characters such as Joseph Kennedy, Franklin D Roosevelt, Cordell Hull and Hermann Göring amongst others. While dealing with the Nazis in World War Two he simultaneously assists Jewish refugees to escape from Germany. He purchases looted art works, whilst carrying out espionage on behalf of the Americans. Then in the fifties, he falls foul of Senator McCarthy and Edgar Hoover and is forced to leave America in virtual exile. Twice widowed, it seems Elijah is incapable of forming lasting relationships with the women in his life – the beautiful Agnota, the manipulative Kyra, the sophisticated Sophia or Nancy who helped solve the mystery of his parents. And then there's his children...
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The  E L I J A H  Trilogy  by Graham Anderson 
© The ElijahTrilogy, Graham Anderson 2012 | Australian Author  | Western Australian Author Graham Anderson  
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The E L I J A H  Trilogy Book 3 Elijah’s Will Having been forced to leave the United States by Senator McCarthy and J Edgar Hoover, Elijah retires to his beloved estancia  in the remote Argentine Pampas. From there he plots his return to power, and his retribution. Entering the armaments trade, he supplies both sides in the Six Day War along with uranium to South Africa, becomes involved in the Australian mining boom, and organises for his employees to be rescued from the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait. Vehemently intolerant of drugs, when he discovers one of his closest confidantes has become a supplier against his explicit instructions (and has supplied drugs to one of his daughters), he views this as the ultimate betrayal becoming increasingly distrustful and contemptuous of those around him. A complex character as his many wives and children can attest to, Elijah has not yet played his last hand. As the tension mounts, so too do the rivalries and hatred as Elijah's children restlessly await his death and their share of his wealth. For them the waiting has already stretched far too long, as finally the day dawns for the reading of Elijah’s Will.
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by Australian Author Graham Anderson
due for release February 2013
due for release April 2013
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