by Australian Author Graham Anderson
The E L I J A H  Trilogy Book 1 The Half-breed Boy 2012 – In a world where money is everything, and corporate profits mean exploiting the natural resources of the outback, Nanderra Station in far western Queensland is under threat from the coal seam gas miners who covet the vast riches that lie deep beneath the remote cattle station.  When environmentalist Libby Farnham is enlisted to help stop them, she’s quickly drawn into the story of the mixed-blood boy, removed from Nanderra over a hundred years before and left with a Catholic mission.   An epic story of power and passion, greed, loyalty and betrayal unfolds as The Half-breed Boy traces Elijah Hocking's escape from the depravity of the priests to finding love on a remote estancia on the Argentine pampas.  
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The  E L I J A H  Trilogy  by Graham Anderson 
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When his wife and son are brutally slain, something snaps and Elijah embarks on a mission of retribution on all those who made his life a living hell. But peace continues to elude him and Elijah moves to San Francisco where he quickly learns that the path to power is through the manipulation of anyone who can advance his interests.   But who is Elijah Hocking? As he struggles to resolve the mystery of his ancestry, he must also come to grips with just who he can really count on.  
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